5 reasons to Lose Weight and Feel Sexy!


Motivation 101- Losing weight is not exciting. The first thing we think about is “I don’t want to starve, to deprive myself of everything I like”. To stay motivated to lose weight we need to see the bigger picture and the advantages of what it will feel like to be lean, more active and feeling sexy!

I always like taking little steps toward a healthier and fit lifestyle more than doing some crazy 1 month diet that will ultimately end yoyo dieting.

It seems evident that our main motivation is that we want to look and feel better, and there are numerous other benefits that I want to share with you to help you on your weight loss journey.

  1. What if I told you it will save you money?

I know most people think that a fast food diet is cheaper than a costly healthy diet. However, make sure to add in medical bills, missed days at work, lower productivity, and even insurance premiums to the overall cost. There is a real difference between the financial cost of health for lean people compared to obese people. Think about it!

  1. Are you aware of the type 2 diabetes epidemic?

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are a good ways to stabilize blood sugar to not only prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes but also to reverse the condition if you already have it. Two of my French clients that were diagnosed  with type 2 diabetes were actually able to reverse the conditions without medication.

  1. How would it feel to have a better quality sleep?

Studies have shown that losing as little as 5% of your body weight will assure you a better night sleep. Do you know some of the advantages of sleeping better?

  1. Would you like to enjoy life more?

The hormones that affect mood are off balance when you are overweight. Depression is very common; depression causing you to eat more creating a vicious cycle that can be hard to break.  Losing weight will increase the feel good hormones in your body after a few weeks and help you break this cycle.

  1. How about having less pain? Would that be a good motivation for you?

Carrying less weight on your poor legs and back means less knee and foot pain. Losing weight will lighten the load carried by the different joints in your body reducing not only what is commonly referred as arthritis pain but also increasing joint health and mobility.


I know losing weight can be hard and this is why I created the program “20 French secrets to Living at your Ideal Weight and Feeling Sexy!” It can be so hard to stay motivated but being overweight is really a life threatening problem. I hope this will help you find more motivation. If you are ready to start losing weight and you need help I am here for you.


Live, Love and Laugh






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