What if we could see Beauty everywhere?

I am an aging woman. I say this with a big smile as well as some sadness.

PDRM0005Well the baby got her first lifting this month.

Ok, it was not really a lifting.   No needle, no doctor, but a group of women following the presentation of a salesman and demonstration of the product – a cold/ice beauty spa lifting.  That night I paid more attention to those lines forming on my face and around my eyes. I knew they were starting. I love natural beauty, I put very little make up on. For me beauty comes from within, even thought I think self care and especially cleanliness are very important.

This week I invite you to find your own beauty within and to let it shine. Our ability to see beauty, to recognize it, is based in part on our education and experience. Think about it, not every culture recognizes beauty as the same thing. In the 1800’s feminine beauty was full round bodies, boobs and butts.

exaggerated beautyOur culture wants us to see Beauty in the fake and exaggerated: fake boobs, fake makeup, fake fake fake…and this for what marketing, money, capitalism?

Let’s be beautiful, just beautiful. No need to cover up our natural beauty.
Embrace our beauty !
Really, what is beauty?

It’s something I recognize that moves energy and emotions inside of me.

What about you?  Think about your life.  What were you taught was beautiful? What would you like to be beautiful?
emma watson

I was raised travelling all over Africa, with a little of Canada, Europe and some of the USA. I learned early just how beautiful Nature is, what happiness looks like, what money can do, to be grateful for the life l have. Today, my life is simple : I go to my office and work with clients or on my computer helping people connect with themselves finding peace and beauty inside, I go to stores, drive my kids around, walk around town or go to the gym,  sleep,  sometimes lunch or dinner out, a movie.

Life is Beautiful!  Why shouldn’t I be?

Would you like to let go of your past education and see beauty in everything?
By upgrading and optimizing the communication inside our body we are able to reach out to a higher level.

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  1. Mazurier
    February 11, 2018

    You forgot to tell about you, walking the beach, looking for treasures..some peaces of sea glass, enjoying it so much and imagining creating something artistic with them some day.
    You are beautiful Emma…outside and within…
    Love Ghislaine

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