Hello! My name is Emma Wagner.
I am a Health Coach and an Energy Healer.

I have created the "20 French Secrets to Living at your Ideal weight (and feeling sexy!)" program
to help busy moms like me lose weight
without a crazy restrictive and frustrating diet.
The idea is to create a sustainable healthy Lifestyle
that increases life enjoyment while losing weight,
a key to feel sexy!

French women manage to stay lean and sexy while eating chocolate, cheese and drinking wine. I know it was easy for me when I was in France.

French women are not obsessed with diets or crazy workouts at the gym.

The secrets are in the Lifestyle (I assure you these secrets are not about binging and purging). I want to share with you the habits French women have for staying in shape without restrictions, while enjoying the pleasures of life to stay lean while feeling sexy.

Introducing the 20secrets

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