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Dr. Emma Wagner, D.C.
Body whisperer

Activate Your Life

Repair your body, your brain, your gut- say goodbye to pains, depression, and anxiety

Release trauma, negative patterns, and habits from your body and mind

Harmonize body, mind, and soul to live fully.

Unlock your youthful energy!  Regain Your Health and Vitality!

Dr. Emma’ s complete holistic approach dives into your physical and emotional body/mind,
helping both men and women to tap into the feminine power to feel connected and full of energy.

“Emma really understands the body and the emotions involved with healing the whole body.” Nicole G.

Dr. Emma Wagner, D.C. is dedicated to providing individuals and families with the highest quality chiropractic care and Wellness Education.
Enjoy a loving and conscious environment for healing, vitalizing, and living life fully!

Do you have these problems?

ADHD and autism

What we consider “normal” comes from a balanced brain. Miscommunication between the different part of the brain and the brain/body will create issues such as ADHD and Autism. We empower individuals and increase their abilities and chances for a successful life. – Read more

Physical Pain

The approach we take in addressing pain is radically different not only in creating more physical comfort and flexibility, you will learn to understand what your body is telling you and act on it. Pain is a messenger which means “Stop, Reassess, Do something different NOW”. Read more

Depression and Anxiety

It’s true that our lives are increasingly stressful. The succession and repetition of smaller micro-traumatic events that we are not able to digest before another one comes in create a build-up of stress, of tension, of bottled up emotions. Learn to release stress and stay on top of your game. Read more

Staying young and healthy

Our care is designed to give you a youthful and vibrant body, mind and spirit. Read more


Dr. Emma will help you transform your stress into positive energy so you can enjoy your amazing life.

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Dr. Emma is the author of Shattering Habits :
7 principles to reprogramming the body and the mind.

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“Shatter your Worst Habit in 7 days – 10 minutes per day”

Activate Your Life!

San Clemente chiropractor, Dr. Emma Wagner’s focus is to help you and your body have a healthy and active lifestyle. She is fully committed to enhancing your potential through chiropractic care, energy medicine, functional medicine,  health and nutritional coaching.
Dr. Wagner will not only relieve your pain but will teach you practices and rituals to prevent pain, give you focus and energy. Dr. Emma knows that every practice member has different needs and believes that getting healthier is the result of balancing and activating your Life force.