My story

I am happily married (15 years), a mother (14-year-old boy and a 11-year-old girl)
I have lived on three different continents so I consider myself as a child of the world.


My health journey started when I was 15 and suffered from severe headaches that I was managing with high doses of medication prescribed by my dad,a medical doctor. The headaches went away after a seminar I did on positive thinking and relaxation. My curiosity for the healing arts started then and it’s still very present today, I have always enjoyed meeting health practitioners and learning more about their skills.

At 25, I graduated from chiropractic school and moved back to France to practice chiropractic in a private office contributing to transforming the life of families. I practiced there for over 12 years. I specialized in an energetic work called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and I also trained as an ADHD wellness expert, continuing to discover different energy work, positive thinking and relaxation techniques. I am also a trained and certified Dr. Sears Wellness Health Coach.

I have been back in the United States for over two years realizing that American families need help to focus on what I feel is the most important un retour au source : a more natural health approach, a healthier diet composed of fresh and whole food,  quality of time, simplicity, love and bonding moments….

My journey is filled with adventure and experiences. I am going to give more details here but if you’re interested in learning more about my story …..please read more

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