What are we afraid of?

We are living extraordinary times! 2020 will be remembered by all. And yet our memories and experiences will not be the same. One similar situation occurs and we all can react differently to it based on our knowledge and experiences, and our reactions will lead us on different paths. We all have our own beliefs and will react individually based on those beliefs so that even within the same family our beliefs can bring us closer together or pull us apart. Let’s make sure we keep our lines of communication open. We love hearing our loved one’s perspective on the issues, their concerns, or news at hand.

We enjoy talking about fear because fear is one of the most common motivators for our behaviors. And understanding where our fears are coming from helps us understand why we react in life the way we do.

What are we so afraid of?

When we were little, we loved to get scared. Boo!  We’d watch scary movies and go on the highest roller coasters. We loved sneaking up on people and startling them. We’d laugh and laugh and call that fun. We caused it and it was only temporary. Then getting a little older we’d start to be afraid of the dark. What was out there? Are there monsters under the bed, or snakes in the closet? And then, a little older, afraid he/she won’t go out with me, we won’t pass the test or get into the school or job we want.

Today, we’ve got all kinds of fears, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of success, fear of death, even fear of fear itself. They’ve even got a name for it – phobophobia.  And in today’s volatile and social media charged climate, we are constantly inundated with fear from everywhere. All the time.

Well, it’s not really fear anymore. Fear is an involuntary emotion that signals immediate danger. We worry more than we fear really, we see worrying as the chronic evolution of fear.
How does one become a worrier anyway? When we start being afraid of everything.  We get so lost in the enormity of it all that we lose focus on what is most important.  We lose confidence in ourselves and our ability to be healthy, strong, and successful.
“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” —Marie Curie

What might happen if we weren’t so worried? If we didn’t live in a state of constant fear/worry waiting for a catastrophe to happen?  We could focus on taking care of ourselves, enjoy what life has to offer, and share our gifts in connection with others.

But first, are you safe? Good. Are you hungry? Eat! Cold? Put some clothes on. Lonely? Call or go see someone. We have the ability to take care of ourselves and we need to do it with confidence and clarity. When we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others, our family, our community.

Often it seems we fear most that we are not divine and magical enough to shine in the world regardless of all that is out there.  So we don’t even try to shine, not even within our family.

What do we do?  Let’s just focus on the now, letting go of the worry.  Just in the now, this instant. What can we do to better ourselves right now and how would you like to shine in your life and in the world?

Breathe. Look around and see the beauty. Have gratitude for the power, intelligence, and amazingness of creation. And know that you are safe.

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