7 Tips for staying healthy and away from cancer

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is famous for its work on Cancer. After many years of telling its patients that chemotherapy is the only way to treat cancer Johns Hopkins Hospital started to educate its patients in alternative ways. An easy way to fight cancer is to stop feeding the cancer the nutrients it needs to duplicate.

Cancer cells eat:

– Sugar. Sugar is the most important factor in duplication of cancerous cells. You can use sugar substitutes of course but some, like aspartame, are very toxic. Manuka honey is a good alternative in small quantities.

– Salt. Salt contains an additive to make it look white. Sea salt, vegetable salts and Himalayan pink salt are good alternatives.

-Milk. Cow’s Milk makes the body produce mucous, especially in the digestive tract. Cancer cells feed off that mucous.  You can substitute milk with Almond or Rice milk.

– Red meat.  Red meat creates an acidic environment in your body. It is better to eat fish or chicken. Limiting the amount of animal protein is a good idea because it is harder to digest and requires a big quantity of enzymes.  More and more meat today contains antibiotics, hormones and parasites that are very toxic, especially for people who have cancer. The undigested meat will putrefy and create even more toxins in the digestive tract.


So what is the solution?
1. A diet made up of 80% fresh raw veggies, cereals, grains, nuts, and a few fruits. Only 20% of your food should be cooked. Drink a lot of water, preferably filtered or distilled.

2. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee and hot cocoa, and contains antioxidants to help fight cancer.

3. The cancer cells are protected by a hard-shell protein wall. The less meat you eat the more enzymes you’ll have available to break through those hard protein walls and have your immune system clear the cancerous cell.

4. Some supplements are good to support the immune system like Juice Plus+, Fish oils, and some vitamins and minerals…Vitamin E is very well known to help in the elimination of unuseful cells.

5.  Work on having a more positive attitude and being proactive. I love the work of Candice Pert “The Molecules of Emotions” on that subject, how molecules of positive emotions compete with cancer markers. Learning to enjoy and relax is key.

6. Cancer doesn’t like an oxygen rich terrain. Deep breathing exercise and workouts will help get more oxygen to the deeper cell levels.

7. Chemical substances like dioxins are linked to cancer. Beware of plastic. Don’t use plastic in the microwave, no plastic bottles in the freezer and no plastic films in microwaves. Use Pyrex glass instead.


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