Are you compromising?

I don’t know about you but I love to compromise. Come to an agreement by communicating with the other party.  Sometimes compromising helps me move forward and sometimes it holds me back.  We think my son may become a diplomat or a negotiator because he already understands that (almost) everything is negotiable. It takes some time to negotiate with him and sometimes it can be frustrating but I love the fact that he is strong minded and already knows what he wants.
I think compromising in a couple is very important, realizing that we don’t have the same needs, envy or time to do what the other wants you to do. It definitely involves a lot of communication and the ability of both parties to have clarity on their needs (the most difficult part if you ask me), without the fear to ask that those needs be fulfilled.

What about compromising with yourself?

I do compromise with myself, probably too much, and I am not very happy about it especially when the “dark” part, the lazy side, the one that likes chocolate and wants to indulge in food, the one that likes to procrastinate wins. But at least I am aware of it and I can work on it.  Without the awareness of knowing I am compromising and that I deserve so much more, I would probably not care and just stay in that negative non-productive state. Mindfully Living is the solution to fight off the “dark” side.

What does it mean to live mindfully?

Living Mindfully means directing your thoughts, your energy toward creating the life you dream of, and paying attention to what’s happening in and around you moment-by-moment. With mindfulness, you can perceive reality and understand your own role.

It is so easy to not pay attention, we are brain washed by TV, Facebook, games, … that we don’t really know how to pay attention anymore and we are taught that it’s okay not to pay attention.

I have some tools I use to sharpen my focus into paying attention and to make sure I do because I see so many benefits and feel so much better when I do.

The first step for me is in setting goals by writing a list and keeping track of what I do; being organized about it. I just got a fitbit so I can keep track of my daily exercise (this was the one thing that I just “forgot” about during my day). I need to be accountable for myself in the same way I want others to know they can count on me. If I say I am going to work out 3 days a week I want to make sure I do and not compromise along the way because work got in the way or I found something “better” to do.

Working on being aware, accepting, and acknowledging what is happening in your life is not always easy. It takes practice and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. I didn’t.

I would be happy to help you connect, be more aware, open up to your gift. Just give me a call – 949-616-5241.

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