Synchronicity vs. coincidence


About 7 years ago, I heard the word synchronicity for the first time. I love the concept behind it, it resonates so profoundly with me.

When I was 16 yo, a friend of the family had given me a pendant in the shape of a crocodile. I loved it. I remember touching it and wishing for things to happen. They were silly wishes like about the weather, about a test in school or about a boy. I even told my best friend about it and we decided to test the limitations of that talisman. From that point on I understood that I could ask for events to happen around me in a way that served me, and I learned to be careful about what I wished for as more often than not I would get it even if it was not what I really wanted.
There was a period in my life where I had pretty much all I wanted, a good husband, my strong and smart boy and my beautiful daughter, a house with a gorgeous garden where I could live a simple and healthy life, some quality friends …
Coming back to the States changed my routine. I had to once again define myself and the life I wanted and not just be satisfied by the security and habits I was used to.
Putting energy, thoughts, and actions into determining and creating the life I want allows me to meet with new and interesting people.
I get a strange feeling every time life puts someone in my path in such a way that I have to recognize them for someone important.
How strange do you think it is :
– that my husband’s 2 sisters have the same birthdays as my 2 brothers?
– that my son has another kid in his class that’s on his football team and has a French mom that gave him the same name, Keoni (not a French name and a pretty uncommon one). I am curious now to see what will come out of the relation , what kind of surprises life holds for us having put us in touch.
Life is very interesting I think. If you pay attention to its messages, learn to take advantage of the situations, ride the wave of life and create the events you want to make the life of your dreams.

I have a question for you today. And I’d love to hear your answers.
Does life happen to you (coincidence) or does it happen through you (synchronicity)?
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