Yummy herbs, healthy herbs!

Do you grow herbs in your garden, in pots in the kitchen or on your balcony?

I have been growing herbs for at least 10 years now. I use them in my salads, in my herbal tea or in my marinades for meat and veggies. I love them!

Not only do they add a yummy taste to food and drinks but they are also remedies that will help your body stay strong, relax you and get you well when sick.

I’ve listed my favorites, the ones I have most often in my garden, and in a future post I might also share some recipes with you.

  1. Verbena for my evening herbal tea as its calming qualities help for a better night’s sleep.
  2. Melissa makes a yummy herbal tea or will add flavor to a marinade for poultry. It is great for regulating nervous tension, has antiviral properties, and will help with digestion.
  3. Rosemary has been shown to help fight cancer, improve memory and intellectual performance.
  4. Mint. I love mint with zucchini and goat cheese, in tea and in a Mojito! Mint is good for the breath, digestion, nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, asthma, acne, cavities.
  5. Sage is great in tea or to flavor our family recipe of potatoes stuffing. Sage is an anti-aging agent, a memory enhancer and a natural remedy for anxiety and fatigue.
  6. Basil is fantastic in a tomato salad, in pesto or with strawberries. Basil is so tasty but don’t heat it. Basil calms nerves, helps in cleansing the liver and has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Gardening is great for kids too, it’s a great lesson to see the seeds you planted grow.

Enjoy your herb garden!

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  1. Ghislaine
    July 10, 2016

    In France, we use to say Sage saves… Try it with fresh tomato sauce…yummy

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