From my garden to my table

I love my vegetable garden; I love it even more since I started doing a tower garden.

Collecting my veggies and preparing meals with freshly picked, in season, organic and colorful veggies has always been one of my pleasures.

And yet at times it can get overwhelming so I collect when I have time to deal with it, generally over the weekends. It is really about being organized. What is the point in letting your yummy veggies go bad on the kitchen counter.


Today I got loads of basil, cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchinis, purple beans, mixed salads, Swiss chard and a strawberry that my daughter was so fast at grabbing from my basket.


table 2


The yellow zucchinis and purple beans with some garlic will make a colorful fun side dish for dinner tonight.

The salad and chard are washed and bagged for this week’s dinner. I also love my Swiss chard in my morning smoothie.

The basil was made into pesto (Mixed with some garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive oil until creamy). It will go fantastic with the salmon for tomorrow nights’ dinner.

The cherry tomatoes are perfect to put in the lunch box for the kids.

With a little time and organization you and your family can have all the benefits of garden veggies on your dinner table.

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