What do I want for my kids?

The best of course… what else?


But what does that look like?

I want them to be happy. That doesn’t mean that I want to make them happy all the time because life is not always easy. I want to give them the resources to make the best out of what life offers. Show them that even in hard times life is worth it, and that they can find time to be thankful for the smallest pleasures.

I want them to be healthy.  Health is your biggest wealth.  I believe health is about education and good habits. I must educate their taste buds and their minds so that they can recognize good food wherever they are to make an educated healthy choice when presented with one. I love that my daughter never developed a taste for the donuts that other kids bring to school on their birthdays.
Creating good habits are very important too: brushing your teeth, washing your hands, snacking on fresh fruit, and drinking water are all very important habits we have put in place in my house.

I want them to be intelligent and smart. I love that in America you differentiate the two. I believe that intelligence is dependent on brain health so feeding the brain good whole-food nutrition is critical.  Intelligence is about learning and education, giving them the love of study and the taste to learn new things.  So being smart is what you do concretely with the knowledge you have; being able to apply the intelligence you have in any situation.  Experimenting life is where intelligence and smarts come together.  I encourage my kids to travel and try new things in life so that they can both practice and increase their smarts and intelligence.

I want my kids to be wealthy. That doesn’t mean that I give them everything they want but that I give them the ability to make a good living for themselves.  Teaching them how to be a leader so that they own their life and their future is how I help them to be wealthy. Being wealthy is also helping them realize that money doesn’t make you happy, but that having money will make your life more pleasurable.

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