Your body’s secret weapon (to lose weight)

Your body’s secret weapon is feeling satiety, feeling full. That feeling of satiety is what normally will stop you from going into excess. But some genius chemical expert working together with marketing experts and the food industry have found, over the last 70 years, a recipe to make you always eat more inexpensive food that is not good for your health. Aided by some false ideas, we have been putting on weight. Diabetes and other lifestyle related illnesses have also increased and we find these diseases affecting a younger and younger population.
What are those falses ideas that are costing us our health?

Fruit sugar (fructose) is healthier than glucose: False. Fructose is a bad sugar when eaten isolated but is healthy when eaten with the other nutrients in fresh fruit. Unlike glucose which is used to create energy for the cells and the brain, fructose is taken up by the liver and transformed into triglycerides, a type of fat, that goes into your blood stream creating a risk for cardiovascular disease. Eating a lot of isolated fructose can create a resistance to insulin and leptin, which is a first step towards obesity and diabetes. Make sure you read food labels, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods, and stay away from packaged foods.

Avoid fats: False. Feeling full actually happens faster after eating some healthy fats; compare how hungry you feel after eating 1/2 an avocado and a piece of bread. And fat is very important for the brain as we are all fat heads (70%of brain tissue is fat). You want to eat healthy fats found in nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, and grass fed beef. But stay away from trans fats or hydrogenated oils that are chemically transformed fats.

We need to eat a little of everything -False again. Some foods should be avoided such as foods rich in simple carbs (sugars): Sweets should be avoided of course but also bread, white rice or potatoes. If you look around in a supermarket, the foods rich in simple carbs and sugars are the main foods you will find so beware.

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