Yummy Water

Most of us know, we need to drink water for our body to function optimally. And yet most people don’t drink enough water.
The 2 main reasons I hear from my clients are:

– I don’t like the taste of it. There is a easy fix for that and it is a healthy one too. I like adding natural and organic ingredients to my water:

– chia seeds when you need extra protein and fiber

– lemon that alkalizes the water and is rich in vitamin C

– strawberry and basil rich in antioxidants

– mint to give you energy and help your digestion

– I don’t want to have to go pee. Think of peeing as a well deserved break from the usual sitting position.  Your body needs to move, especially to help the circulation of your cerebro-spinal fluid. Take that unwanted pee break as a chance to get up, walk around and stretch, you’ll notice that your brain is clearer afterward.

And if it is a question of community bathrooms, let me just tell you how lucky we are to live in the USA and not in Africa where I grew up ; where you are lucky when you find a clean hole in the ground.

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