Emma Wagner is a mom, a wife, a friend, a trained chiropractor, she lived on three different continents,… .


” My health journey started when I was 15 and suffered from severe headaches that I was managing with high doses of medication prescribed by my dad,a medical doctor. For month i suffered and took higher and higher doses of pain medication. The weekend I did a seminar on positive thinking and relaxation the headaches went away.

My curiosity for the healing arts started then and it’s still very present today, I am always interested in learning how our body works and about natural ways to stimulate, balance, create better health and life for our bodies. 

At 25, I graduated from chiropractic school and moved back to France to practice chiropractic in a private office contributing to transforming the life of families. I practiced there for over 12 years. I specialized in an energetic work called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and I also trained as an ADHD wellness expert, a qualification from Switzerland. My interest for energy work still present I studied different energy work, positive thinking and relaxation techniques.

Back in the USA, I decided to become a certified Dr. Sears Wellness Health Coach when I put on 15 lbs and noticed the difference in food quality between France and the USA. I wanted to educate people on the nutrition aspect of health. The simple aspect, the easy to follow advice on what to eat,  what to do and think to feel and be full of energy.
Now I also use muscle testing to see what supplements can be used to stimulate body functions, organs and muscles. The nutrition aspect is very interesting as “we are what we eat”.

I have been back in the United States for over three years realizing that “Ma Raison d’Etre” : a specific bodywork to release tension, create deep relaxation, stimulate vital body functions. A natural health approach that associate the physical, the mental and the emotional. We will be looking at creating a healthier diet composed of fresh and whole food,  quality of time, simplicity, love and bonding moments, connections but more importantly you so you can be more in tune with your body….

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