Individual holistic health consulting:

Would you like to identify the specific areas in your life that will create more health, balance and vitality?

After Emma has found where the stresses and blockages lie, she uses various techniques to help release the blockages and balance your mind, body and spirit, an opportunity to grow and learn more about our self.

Emma will give you tools and ideas for things that you can do at home to continue with your health and healing.
                               1st visit special – 1 hr to 1.5 hr-   $ 90

Session time varies depending on what we have to do:
30 min – $75                 60 min – $125                      90 min – $175

Package of hours           180 min – $350                       8 hrs – $800

Two in Harmony :

Do you need more support in your couple? More communication? Do you want to reinforce your commitment? Be more connected?

This couple’s approach is intended to help couple’s heal and move past problems, to become empowered and reach desired relationship goals: forgiveness, strengthening the relationship, romance, appreciation…

1st visit special –  1.5 hr to 2hr –   $ 175 for the couple

Session time varies:
60 min – $150                      90 min – $200                   120 min – $ 250

8 hrs – $900


Family and corporate :

Getting more connected with your self is awesome, to your couple it deepens the relationship.

For the whole family, this work will create more harmony by strengthening bonds between the members of the family.

A business is just a different kind of family.


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