Emma Wagner

Family Health Coach

The Happy Healthy Family program
will easily transform your habits into healthier habits,
optimize your loved ones Health
and create more life enjoyment
for you and the whole family that you love,
with ease and grace.

Each module is designed to work on a specific goal and have specific outcome associated with it. They are kid friendly and designed for the whole family to participate. 

Modules 1, 2 and 3 are online courses. Modules 4 though 7 are in person.

Depending on your life journey, your budget and the results of the evaluation, I’ll give you recommendation on which module is the path to your goals.

Module 1

Lifestyle, Exercises, Attitude and Nutrition,
do you Know the Foundation on
how to create a healthy Family?

Module 2

Transform your stress in energy and vitality,
here is all the tools you need
to live a Stress Free Life.

Module 3

Need help Living at your Ideal Weight ?
The secrets to make it happen for you.


Each module is a 6 hours module. I like to offer the information over a 6 week course so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too much info.

Price per module


6 hours of online courses,
a weekly lesson and webinar

Take 3 modules


18 hours of information and tools,
weekly lessons and webinars

Module 4

Exercises for Body Language and Posture,
Is your family sending the right messages?

Module 5

Live like the French,
focusing on simple and tasty food, family time
and quality of life.

Module 6

Healing from the Inside Out
Want to keep the whole family
healthy naturally,
so that you don’t get sick?

Module 7

Personal coaching
I will work one on one with you to identify the specific areas in your life to create more health, balance and vitality.


Each module is highly individualized offering a wide variety of information and tools. Contact me, for more information on the content of each module.

These are in-person modules that will either happen in my office or at your home.

Price per module


per family

Individualized in-person program for one person or the whole family.

1 person only $500

Take all 4 modules


per family

Individualized in-person program for one person or the whole family.

1 person only $1750

Take my full program


all 7 modules

Take the 3 online courses and the 4 in-person modules

1 person only : $2295

Contact me!

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