My story

I am happily married (15 years), a mother (14-year-old boy and a 11-year-old girl)
I have lived on three different continents so I consider myself as a child of the world.


My health journey started when I was 15 and suffered from severe headaches that I was managing with high doses of medication prescribed by my dad,a medical doctor. The headaches went away after a seminar I did on positive thinking and relaxation. My curiosity for the healing arts started then and it’s still very present today, I have always enjoyed meeting health practitioners and learning more about their skills.

At 25, I graduated from chiropractic school and moved back to France to practice chiropractic in a private office contributing to transforming the life of families. I practiced there for over 12 years. I specialized in an energetic work called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and I also trained as an ADHD wellness expert, continuing to discover different energy work, positive thinking and relaxation techniques. I am also a trained and certified Dr. Sears Wellness Health Coach.

I have been back in the United States for over two years realizing that American families need help to focus on what I feel is the most important un retour au source : a more natural health approach, a healthier diet composed of fresh and whole food,  quality of time, simplicity, love and bonding moments….

Born and raised in Africa the first 10 years of my life I learned at a young age that what is most important in life are the simple things looking at those African kids running around playing happily with their homemade toys with dirty rags on.

When my parents divorced, I moved to France with my mom and my brother but continued to visit my dad who was still working in Africa and different countries. My vacation and now my memories were filled with Safaris, diving trips to the Red Sea, boating,  dolphins,  visiting remote villages of aboriginal culture where you felt like you had experienced  a “back in time” travel.

Everything I felt, saw, and experienced during that time made me realize that even if I was not the most lucky gifted human being on earth, I had nothing to complain about.  Life is good and I could make the best of whatever situation I was in.

And yet at times, I have felt depressed, lost, overwhelmed with what to do in my life… I am thankful that every time someone, my spiritual guide, my mom, a friend, a mentor or my husband was there to help coach me and guide me in the right direction.

Raising my two children in France with the focus of being as natural and as healthy as possible, and to teach them healthy habits was and still is my desire. From growing a vegetable garden to choosing a lifestyle that supports health, well-being, positive thinking and individual empowerement, I challenged myself and my family to create the life of our dreams.

Today we are back in the states with my husband and his family sharing and multigenerational and multicultural house with  his parents. I still focus on being as natural and healthy as I can. I found it harder here first because of what we find in the store especially when we are not educated to read labels. The food industry mess with us to make us eat more and more. Our kids are getting sick from the environment, the food and the lifestyle we are offering them.

Let me help you find your way, find the unique solutions your family needs to create the life of your dreams without worries.

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