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Transform yourself,
optimize your loved ones Health
and create more life enjoyment for you and your family.
You deserve it!

Improving your health doesn’t have to take more time, more work, or even more money. What it does require is the right information and tools to make eating and moving healthy, fun, and part of a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Minful Living is the key to live happily!


Mindful Living is an integral part of the in office session, Emma also offers classes and workshop.


20 French secrets to Living at your Ideal Weight
and feeling sexy!

Need help Living at your Ideal Weight ?
The French woman manage to stay lean and sexy while eating cheese and chocolate and drinking wine. Let’s make it happen for you!

This is not a magic diet, this is really about changing your lifestyle and creating habits that will allow you to reach your ideal weight.

Living at your Ideal Weight

This course includes:
– 10 Coaching session- on the phone or in person

– A workbook

– Email support

The Happy Healthy Family program

Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition,
do you Know the Foundation on
which to create a healthy Family?

The foundation of your Health

This course includes :

– A worbook with weekly activities

– 6 coaching sessions on the phone or in person

Stress free lifestyle

Transform your stress into energy and vitality,
here are all the tools you need
to live a Stress Free Life.

Stress free Lifestyle

This course includes :

– A worbook with weekly activities

– 6 coaching sessions

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