Life Activation in 11 sessions

Create coherence between your physical, emotional, and mental selves.

This is for you if you are looking for:

– a sense of ease and flow in your Life,

– the ability to hold yourself with kindness and self-acceptance,

– the ability to be vulnerable and take more chances in Life,

– feeling gratitude and appreciation easily and naturally,

– to better understand your inner guiding voice,

– a Meaningful Life.

The first 2 sessions address your energy body

  1. How balanced are you? We talk about areas that need balancing, love, and attention. The goal of this session is to connect the whole body-mind, allowing peace and relaxation to be present in your reality.
    A global balancing of your body-mind.


  •  We focus on a deep energetic activation to continue to connect the Physical, Emotional and Mental parts of your being. I use essentials oils to stimulate your chakras for more life and vibrancy. This energetic activation creates a complete state of relaxation.


3. We are what we eat! We focus on nutrition to make easy changes that help you have complete health from the inside-out: healthy looking skin, more energy, etc…. Remove the struggle and rediscover balance and pleasure in your relationship with food.

We spend 4 sessions focusing on the physical body :

4.  One session focuses on the upper body. We unwind the cranial bones, the neck, the shoulder and the diaphragm releasing the breath and letting go of muscle tension.  Activating the life in your upper body will leave you feeling light and energized.

5. Unwinding the pelvis, the legs, and the feet. Let’s activate the way you carry yourself since your legs are what carry your weight every day, all day.  You will leave with a spring in your step, ready to take on the future. Activating the lower body will ground you and connect you to the energy coming from the earth. 

6. Now we look at the whole posture connecting the top and bottom. Let’s make sure both are connected. Posture is as much physical as it is an attitude. Staying in a bad posture is such an easy way to get unbalanced and stressed. In every session, we activate the posture to make the best version of you.

7. Are your organs functioning optimally? The organs can get disconnected partially from the brain, the control system, and act on their own, acting independently from the other organs sometimes creating a havoc in the body. How your organs are functioning is related to both physical and emotional stressors. Activating the organs helps you reach a deeper level of health and wellness. Activating your organs makes sure they are functioning and communicating optimally.

8. We explore, understand and bring awareness to your emotions, to what they mean and how they can become the motivation that you need.  What emotions do you normally experience in a day? Emotions can either be the motivation that makes you go for the moon or the weight that holds you down. I am sure you have learned to control them very well, as have most of us in a civilized country. Emotions are energy in motion, let’s learn to use our emotions!

2 sessions to access the power of the mind:

9. Conscious mind vs. Unconscious mind. It is now time to acknowledge that sabotaging “little voice” inside and make peace with it. A battle is going on inside of you between your ego and your soul. We make peace and open communication allowing you the benefits of both worlds. Let’s break those unconscious patterns from the past that keep you from achieving your best.

10. Taking advantage of our brain plasticity. The way we are wired might be one of the last things holding us back. We are now safe in our body, ready to open doors on our past to relieve us from the weight of it. We rewire the Brain by combining all the pieces we previously worked on. Thanks to how flexible our Brain is we can change how we are wired and create the life we want.

11.  We have done so much in these 11 sessions. Time to check in and see how your Life has been activated.  You have learned how to create more balance in your health and your life. In this session, we will evaluate your new state and discuss what could be your next steps.