(Perfume & Remedy)

Wouldn't it be nice to have a natural, organic perfume made just for you?
Custumizable to help you access what is essential for you.

Unique just like you!

Let me help you create your signature perfume.
Made with organic essential oils, selected to enhance your essentiel self, to bring you strength and balance.

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In office or over the phone

Selection from a variety of Florihana organic essential oils.

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Why wear the same perfume as someone else?

L'essentiel is as much a perfume as it is a remedy.
I work with essential oils for the qualities they bring to our life. For example rose opens our heart, creates a field of passion around us. Rose is well known for lovers. Do you know that patchouli helps you live more in the present and that lemon brings you energy ? Frankincense helps in keeping us connected to our higher purpose.

Looking for more energy and balance in your life?