Emma's Healthy Cooking workshop

I am French and for all French people food is a way of life. My mom taught me the love of real food and how to prepare it; slow cooking and enjoying a dinner with family and friends is something I love sharing. Focusing on balanced and healthy eating, let's have fun and share the love of cooking in my kitchen or in your kitchen . This is such an amazing experience, it will wow your friends!

Emma's French cooking Workshop

2hr workshop. I will bring the food and the recipes for a hands-on cooking experience so you will be able to reproduce these recipes, and of course we will be enjoying the dishes we create.

The different themes are:
1- Appetizer – making verrines, tartelettes and quiche
2- Main course – Pick one my favorite dishes : salmon/scallop/cod grattin, vegetarian grattin,  Boeuf bourguignon or lapin (rabbit) bonne femme.
3- Side dishes – Pick 2 : salads with my favorites homemade salad dressing, gratin dauphinois, ratatouille or taboule…
4- Dessert : choice of chocolate tart, crepes, flan or sorbet
5.Vegan and Vegetarian dishes

I have more fantastic recipes to share with you.
If you are interested in hosting an event send me an email at [email protected]

A wide variety of workshop, Let's create your own

Healthy, Gluten and Dairy free

Decadent desserts

Cooking with Cheese dishes that are going to be super easy to transport to potluck parties

I want to host my cooking event!

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