Healing Touch


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Emma Wagner is a Doctor of Chiropractic that works with you by balancing your physical, emotional and mental. She specializes in the gut/brain connection, emotional release and accessing the power of the mind.


The effects of a healing session with Emma will leave you feeling whole, balanced and vibrant. Emma is a gifted intuitive hands on energy healer.

This work is perfect for you if you want to:

– Get clarity to accomplish your goals

Heal yourself and better understand the messages your body is sending you

Release the tension, pain and stress that are holding you back

– Connect more easily with yourself, your body rhythm and with other human or animal beings at a higher level

Transform habits that are not serving you, rewrite the stories that are defining you

Explore peace and harmony

– Bring more fun and joy into your relationship

Emma works intuitively using many of the tools from her 18 years of healing experience. Combining her knowledge of Chiropractic, Network Spinal Analysis and her own direct knowing of Spirit led guidance, Emma facilitates the alignment of her client’s energetic Spiritual body coming together with the mental, emotional and physical bodies. This healing experience results in stability, integration and coherence of the complete Self.


Children love their care. It is so gentle and relaxing. Children generally respond very quickly, and parents see the results of improved health and wellness early on.
Most parents say their children seem more calm, happier and loving. Others say the children’s level of immune problems such as ear infections, colds, allergies and asthma diminish significantly. Infants who exhibit such issues as colic, digestive problems, reflux, poor sleep or difficulty nursing also respond well to this care, making early parenting much less stressful.

Individual holistic health consulting:

Let’s first identify the specific areas in your life that will create more health, balance and vitality.

We will allow your body to shift gear and move from a state of defense to a state of growth. In that state, we can easily identify and correct the interference that stops your body to heal itself.  I use various techniques to stimulate your body to release the blockages and balance your mind, body and spirit. Through muscle testing, we determine what to remove and what to add -supplements, oils, food- from your diet. A lot of problems come from having either too much or too little of what we need.

                               1st visit special – 1 hr to 1.5 hr-   $ 90

                                45 min sessions – $70

Emma will give you tools and ideas for things that you can do at home to continue with your health and healing.


Two in Harmony- connecting couples :

Do you need more support in your couple? More communication? Do you want to reinforce your commitment? Be more connected?

This couple’s approach is intended bring clarity. It is not couple therapy. It will help the couple’s heal and move past problems, to become empowered and reach desired relationship goals: forgiveness, strengthening the relationship, romance, appreciation…

                    1st visit special –  1.5 hr to 2hr –   $ 175 for the couple

                    1hr session – $100

Family and corporate :

Getting more connected with your self is awesome, to your couple it deepens the relationship.

For the whole family, this work will create more harmony by strengthening bonds between the members of the family.

A business is just a different kind of family.

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